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For a number of years Wildwood Designs have been producing the Wildwood Camping Pod.  Over that period there has been a steady rise in people wanting to experience building their own pod, using their own choice of materials but are unsure how to plan such a building.

Due to demand, we decided to offer a set of our plans for a very competitive price. This then allows you the freedom to create your own pod using your favourite wood. The structure is easy to erect as it consists of 7 trusses. You can use different types of cladding, including; feather edge, shiplap boards or larch.

As expert design, fitting and joinery specialists with over 30 yrs. experience of bespoke work we can offer free quotes to make the doors and windows for your own pod if required.

Due to the truss design any pod can be elongated to incorporate a kitchen or bathroom area.

Pod plans are available for only £495.00 + vat.

(Tuition is available please email for details)

If you have a field or large garden a quick return can be made by installing camping pods, whether they are basic wooden tents or more home from home pods, glamping is becoming much more popular.

Should you require a quiet place in your garden, an outside office or a noisy place to install the children the Wildwood pod is ideal.

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Please get in touch with any queries email: info@wildwoodcampingpods.co.uk


Why not take a look at our gallery to see exactly how a Wildwood Camping Pod can look like and how it can be an excellent choice for your business.

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